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About Our Company

What happens when you take a scuba diver who loves the deep waters and let him or her become creative with their equipment? Some new ideas could emerge to make your diving experience even better.

That’s what happened when we founded Scubacool, the opportunity to provide diving enthusiasts with access to the best scuba diving cylinder covers ever, so that you can quickly and easy customise your scuba diving tank or cylinder.

We have been diving for a number of years now and, as with many other people, we fell in love with it straight away! Can diving be beaten as something fun to do with great people? Just after qualifying, we were having our new cylinders refilled when we noticed that all the cylinders looked the same, plain and boring. We suddenly realized that there was no way to easily and quickly identify our cylinders. No way of saying I’m different. No way of showing who you really are. And thus the story of Scubacool was born and the birth of an imaginative way to decorate your dive cylinder. Take a standard design or customise it with your own, Your Imagination is Your Limitation!

  • Once they are on, they won’t come off until you cut them off.
  • Doesn’t harm or alter your tank in any way.
  • Covers dings, scratches and blemishes on tanks.
  • Does not promote the rusting or pitting of tanks.
  • Environmentally friendly.

How The Process Works

Make Your Choice - Customise Your Cover

Choose From Our Designs

Choose your design from our stock or send us a custom one!

Apply Your New Cover

Apply the cover using a hairdryer to seal the plastic sleeve!

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